Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Power of the Media

Greetings Earthlings, please enter and close the door behind you, no no, there's no need to worry, what's that? No, this isn't a particle accelerator in the background, aha, hm, anyways.

Anywho, I was here for a reason, ah yes, I was thinking again, yes, again don't  look at me like that!

I was minding my own business, writing an article for the school paper, when I realized that I was choosing my words a lot more carefully and making sure my facts true a lot more than I do when i'm just writing a paper for school or a note for myself.

And I realized that I was being so cautious because in the back of my brain I had realized that whatever I wrote would shape the views of whoever read the paper. If a person hadn't heard of the story before-hand, whatever they thought about it would be shaped by the words I put on the page.
And then I realized that this is the truth of the media, how heavily it shapes our perspectives of the world around us.

Our views on a topic are so often reliant on what we read online, or see on tv, and for many things, whether they be far away from us in a foreign country or about a certain person, the only way we can see things is from someone else's words.

And that means that with a twist of a word, that whole perspective can be warped, with no one the wiser.

It's something interesting to mull over, how objective our perspectives are, and how heavily the media changes our view of things.

I'm planning on making my posts a tad bit longer from now on, and doing a few more topics *coughdiycough*
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