Thursday, March 31, 2016

DIY Noise Maker

Helloooo all! I have reappeared, life has been busy lately and you know, I actually have to do life sometimes unfortunately.

One thing about me you probably don't know (And if you do, you probably know me in real life and if you don't and still know...i'm going to quickly walk away now) is that I really, REALLY like noise. I love noisemakers, cheering noises, yelling, chaos and cacophonies in general.

This is probably because I grew up in a fairly loud household, lots of kids often lends itself to lots of noise,  you know, like, children noise. So I guess my survival tactic was learning to love the noise, hooray for me!

I was wondering how to make a special kind of noisemaker for commercial reasons, business plans ect, the usual when I wondered how I could make a noise maker by myself from household items.

A few minutes of googling brought me to a really simple tutorial that I was actually doubtful it would work but turned out surprisingly satisfying!

It is literally all over the internet and I don't know whose idea it was originally to give credit but here is one blog that made it quite nicely.

I'm going to stop rambling now, behold the wonder which is the steps below!
(I'm sure that last sentence is a dreadful breaking of all parallelism rules but I shall do as I please!)

First you just find a normal old Plain Jane disposable straw like this one

Now flatten one end with your hands, or mouth, or jackhammer, actually don't use the jackhammer, too much evidence...
Aw rats, my paw got in the picture, darn my secret is out!

Next cut a notch-ish thing in both sides of the flattened end to make a point. The end should look kind of like a pair of tweezers.

Put the pointy end in your mouth, cover it completely with your mouth, squeeze your lips together slightly and, blow! Don't stab yourself with it though, sharp ya know?

It takes some playing around with and adjusting to get the sound to work, but keep playing with it. If you can't get any air to blow your lips are pressed too tightly. And you seriously have to blow as hard as you can into it, once you get the hang of it it's jolly good fun!

Once you do get it to work it is literally so loud it is marvelous! When you make the straw different lengths it makes different sounds.

Now go, annoy all your relations, I know my mom was extremely annoyed by it, haha!
Impress your friends with your amazing marvelous skills!

And most importantly, MAKE NOISE!!!

Hopefully i'll be able to post again before like, two months later, if you have any posts you'd like me or Elle to do, leave a comment and let us know :)

 ♥ Crystal


  1. So, you cut both sides of the straw, or just one? The longer the louder, or the shorter the louder?

  2. You cut one side and the longer the deeper the pitch. If it's shorter it sounds more like a party blower that you buy and if its longer it sounds more like a duck.

  3. I tried it out, and since I'm just starting I can only make the occasional "barp". Anyways, great tutorial!
    Your blog is nice ;)
    -Elsa :)

    1. Hia girl! Thanks for the nice comment, i'm glad you're enjoying the blog!
      Keep at it and soon you'll be able to drive everyone insane with your noise makers!
      -Crystal :)