About Us

Us is such an ambiguous term. Are there two of us, or five of us, or twenty of us? Or are we just one person with an ego problem?
Yes? Okay, no.
But seriously, there are two of us.
Two friends, two girls, two people (humans)

You may refer to us as Crystal and Elle

Hello, I am 50% of YJR. High school senior of many interests including, arts and crafts, science, medicine, entrepreneurship (and how to spell it), coding, school, books writing and anything else I can get my hands on!
I am also paranoid and mildly afraid of the internet, so if I freak out and disappear occasionally, you have been forewarned.
I currently post on Sundays, topics include life, writing, reviews, discussion, study tips, self reflection and a healthy dose of humor :)

Hello everyone. Can't really summarize myself in a few sentences but here it goes. Senior AKA survivor who enjoys volleyball, tae kwon do, music, not reading, dramas, subtitles, languages, challenging how late I can wake up, school, friends, phone calls with Crystal, deep conversations, light conversations, apple products, Korean variety shows, Bollywood, Horror movies, reminiscing about the past, achieving goals (although never can), overthinking, BTS (not behind the scenes, something else;P), advising, and most importantly, EATING. :D


  1. Hello peoples! Nice to meet you! I like your blog, and will follow it shortly. At first I thought it was only one person, and then I discovered two peoples and I was like "Vhat? Vhat? Vhat is happening here?" (BTW I don't actually talk like that!)Anyway, if you want to visit my personel blog or collab blog you can.
    -Dani/Marven the 80% maniac, 10% unicorn and 10% llama wonder (that yes, is a girl)


    1. Hia Dani!
      Glad to know you like our little rambling corner the internet!
      I'd love to check out your bloggidy blogs, thanks for stopping by!
      Feel free to eat the pretzels dispensed by the alligator, don't worry, there's only a 30% chance he'll bite :)

  2. You guys seem very interesting. But Crystal, what do you mean by saying you're mildly afraid of the internet?

    And Elle. Obviously, you like Behind the scenes. Haha. But what made you fall for the Bulletproof Boy Scouts (yes, I used the literal translation on purpose xD)? I'm not a fan but I'm definitely familiar with them. And you like Korean variety shows and dramas? YAASS. I like some Korean programmes like Happy Together and Abnormal Summit (Sam Okyere! :P).

    However... you like not reading? I'm sorry but that is unforgivable. *shakes head*

    1. Hey Grace, glad you think we're interesting, are any bloggers typical though when you come to think about it? Just the fact that someone blogs is interesting.
      Anywho, by "mildy afraid of the internet" I basically mean paranoid, sticker over webcam, but the trolls'll get me kind of afraid. But I put it aside because I have much too much to say and just exercise a healthy level of caution online ;)

    2. HAHA, EVERYTHING made me fall for Bulletproof Boy Scouts:DDDDDD. Yep I loveeeee variety shows and dramasssssss! They are life, lol. I love running man and a long list of dramas that won't fit on this response lol... Yea reading and I have been on bad terms since childhood. I can just never get time to sit and read a book. Yes, it is true, once I start a book I have to finish it, but starting is the problem, isn't it always?
      It's so cool that you know about BTS and variety shows :D:D

  3. This is so cute :D You guys are awesome! And this blog is amazing :)

  4. Hey Crystal, can I have your email? I have something exciting to tell you!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D