Friday, September 23, 2016

The Thing About Goals

Yes, I know, people say to reach for the stars and "dream the impossible" but I don't necessarily agree with that particular advice. No, no, no, don't hate me until you've heard me out completely. Shall I begin?

Ok, so let me make 1 thing Crystal clear. I do NOT mean that you should not set goals or have high ambitions. I mean you shouldn't dream so big that you can't see your dream. I'll tell you why.

Cue harp music; Backflash begin:

So this summer I was, well you could say, SUPER AMBITIOUS. Like beyond ambitious. I wanted to learn 3 languages, study for random tests, get ahead in next year's curriculum, fix my routine, etc. There's like 5 more goals. Long story short, I did none of them, and as my summer drew to a close, I fell into a sort of depression. Thoughts going through my head around that time were like:

"Oh Elle, your such a failure."
"You couldn't even do ONE STUPID THING."
"This is a prediction for what'll happen next year."
"Look at all your friends doing great things."
"You told them your goals, and your gonna go back to them unchanged, if anything, worse."

Etc, Etc, Etc.

Well I became afraid to dream anymore because I was afraid my nightmares would wake me up.

I dreamt a dream too big for my eyes to see. Beyond my capability. I don't mean to tell you to dream small. You should dream HUGE! Just don't lose your sanity if things don't go as planned like I did. I'm motivated again as a new year begins in my life and as excited as ever.

I think the mistake I made was thinking I failed because I had set a type of due date for myself. It's not like I can never attempt those things again. Nothing is lost. That is the lesson I hope you learn from my story.

1. DREAM HUGE, just not unbearably strenuous
2. If you think you've failed, don't be too hard on yourself
3. Anything is STILL possible!

Good Luck with ALLLLL your goals:D👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻



  1. Yeah. In class, we watched a guy who said that you should write down your dreams and goals every night before you sleep and you'll remember them.

    I also didn't get to complete most of my goals for July and August but I'm glad that I completed at least one *sigh* When it came to piano, I just flopped like a fish above water.

    What were the three languages that you wanted to study?

  2. awesome post!!! i love this advice and might just take you up on it. ;D
    this is a super cool blog. keep it up!!!

    sophy of lavender + blue