Friday, February 26, 2016

Crowded Thoughts

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” 

Hello my potatoes!

 I have been thinking, uh oh Crystal, thinking? 

Yes, I have been doing that dangerous deed again, that risky things we humans are able to do, to come up with our own perspectives. 

And no, the quote isn't going to be a completely random, because I have a shred of cognitive thought available today to pour forth into this blog today, hoorah!

What I have been thinking about is that, I was recently sitting in a gathering, just sitting, there was no real direction to the conversation, it was simply floating and flowing the way conversations tend to do when there is a group of people who know each other. 

And I am just sitting there, and I suddenly see someone else sitting, and just, thinking, and me being the nosy creature that I am, think to myself, what is she thinking about?

And that was when it hit me, I don't know what they are thinking, because I am stuck inside myself, looking out of my eyes and into everyone else's, while everyone is inside themselves, these eyes I see have people looking out of them, people who dwell inside and look out with hope or fear or excitement. And I am in here, in myself, typing with these hands, thinking inside my own head.
And I realized how tiny my perspective really is.

 Many of the times we sit down inside our own heads and view ourselves as the only perspective, as the one person looking out, because we can only understand this because we are the ones trying to peer into someone else. 

But it makes you feel good about yourself as well, the knowledge that you can play a part in someone else's life and are able to realize to yourself that you are not the center of their thoughts, they are. 

They are each in their own worlds, each seeing things from their own eyes, and once you realize that, it is not as hard to smile at someone, it becomes easier because you know that although you can leave an impression on them, their job is not to ponder on your life, they all have their own lives to live and their own perspectives to shape, and that you should stop worrying about what other's perspectives are and work on sculpting your own into something you can be proud of.


How do you view other's perspectives? Have you ever had that moment when you realized that everyone is in their own heads and you in yours? Leave a comment and let me know :)

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