Sunday, August 21, 2016

They Did What?!---My Reactions to Olympic Sports

As we all probably know by now, these past few weeks have been the Olympic games in Rio and they are about to draw to an end.

Now I'm not a hardcore watcher of the games, but I see them on TV and as i'm watching these world renowned athletes compete in their various sports, many of which I've never sat down and watched before, some very particular reactions to each come to mind.

Now I don't play any of these sports (except ping pong I guess), I wish I did and took tennis for a while, but at the moment my sports include fast typing and the occasional run. So as a non-athlete, these are my unsparklied observations from a non-sport watcher.

-Oh, this is cool, I always wanted to learn archery.
--I tried to make a bow and arrow once with a stick and some yarn in my backyard. That is the type of child I was, you can imagine how that went.
-How come they're not hitting the bulls-eye every time? Aren't they in the Olympics? (This shows how much I know about Archery because I can probably hit the bulls-eye about -100% of the times they can)
-That bow looks really hard to pull back, I bet I couldn't pull that.

-Yep, that guy is definitely going to win.
-He's a much better player though, why is he letting the other guy beat him?
-That guy is getting more hits but the other one is more strategic with his punches and will probably win.
-Oh man, that was a bad hit, they look like they're going to pass out.
-Be more aggressive! STOP running from him!!!
-Eugh, you can see all the sweat fly off from his face, hm.
-Ouch...good hit.
-The referee is probably going to get punched.
-How do I read this scoreboard?

-Oh my god those horses are nice!
-Those horses are like, really nice.
-I wish I could ride the nice horsies.
-There are two types of horses in these games, those who keep their head up and watch the obstacles as they come, and those whose heads are down to the ground and being led around (metaphor for life and whatnot).

---Synchronized Swimming---
-Where are the rest of their clothes?!
-That must be some good makeup to not come off in the water, sorcery. (I know there's waterproof makeup but it still looks like magic, me being a makeup caveman and all)
-They are so good woah.
-Well if they weren't good they wouldn't be in the Olympics I guess.
-Do they not need to breathe or stuff? I knew there was sorcery involved!

---Table Tennis---
-Hey this is a sport? Cool.
-I can play this, alright I've got my Olympics plan!
-I should look into this, I mean I beat my classmates, that counts for something right?

-Wait, 100 kilos is 200 pounds! And they're going higher?!
-How do these people train for this? Lifting up the coaches while said coach scream at him to lift them higher probably.
-What if the weights fell on them? If they drop it it'll definitely kill them and then all hell will break loose.
-Seriously has anyone not died in this yet?
-Their shoulders, and backs, and hands, and organs must be seriously messed up after doing this as your day job.
-I should hire one of these people to follow me and carry my backpack and scare away my enemies. That plan can't go wrong!

(Depending on if you're in America and like to be special from the rest of the world)
-Not impressed
-Walks away

I only included of the sports I had especially strong reactions to while watching, I hope you are amused :)

Leave some of your own reactions to the Olympics in the comments, I would love to read them!


  1. Thanks Nabila!
    I was going for a more fresh and clean look this time, but I'm still not completely happy with it so it'll probably change...some more :b