Sunday, August 28, 2016



Sure, they can be helpful in pushing you to put in that extra time and effort. Sure, they can help in making you more organized and force you to actually work. 

But, those are just expectations and fantastical outcomes. I am not denying that schedules can work for many people and make them more productive. I am just saying that I am not one of those people. 

I'm the kind of person who can't stick to a schedule for the life of me. It's not that I lack motivation or that I am lazy. Am I a failure for making tons of schedules and not following through with any of them?

It does NOT mean that my life is over. I shall NOT let one failure define me, when I have many successes past and successes to look forward to. 

Tell me honestly. If you had made a plan to conquer and you really believed you could make this one happen. How would you react if it fell apart in front of your eyes? Would you be devastated? Well, if you're a human, WELL DUH, YEAH. 

And I completely empathize with you because it's happened to me in the past 479230254748302747 times and it probably will happen again.

But we can NOT let it stop here. We need to get it together and keep going. The schedules we create can't judge us. The people we told about our plan have no right to. So, why should we judge ourselves so harshly, when we out of all people know the circumstances which led to this fork in our path. I'm not saying we shouldn't blame ourselves for our failure. I'm just stating that we shouldn't destroy ourselves more. 

Our will power must be strong enough to break our self criticism. Any thoughts of negativity such as "I couldn't even do this" or "Everyone will succeed, and I'll just be left behind" or even comparisons to other people who seem figured out, are ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed. You can leave those outside your room because they are not allowed in your work place where you are meant to do great things.

Let's promise each other that we shall not cry alone in our beds over our TEMPORARY "failures" and we shall not consider our life over if something doesn't work out. Let's also not tell everyone about our failures and short comings. Let's stand tall and have respect for ourself, not pity.

I, Elle J, hereby promise to live by this attitude and through this vision.
Do you?


  1. Do I promise? Well... I'll try but it's definitely going to be hard. Not writing for some months is discouraging and Mondays are terrible. I just don't feel truly ALIVE despite being awake most of the time.


  2. I feel you. But no worries, we are in this together x) Let's do this :D