Monday, April 25, 2016

Micron Pens Review

Hello all, yes, it is I! No, I am not dead...

Sorry for both of us being super poofy these past weeks months, both of us have exams coming up, and sadly, life gets in the way of like, more life but let's not cry over spilled cookies. Because if a cookie spills WE CAN EAT IT ANYWAYS! Touche cookie men!

Stop rambling Crystal, please, they don't like it.
How do you know that other me?
I don't, but I do know they don't want to read a whole post about cookies.
GASP, but who wouldn't!?
Okay, i'll stop now, always killing the fun merghp.

But basically, exams = no fun/time/life.


Pigma Micron is a type of pen by SakuraofAmerica that are for drawing or lettering, or, whatever it is you want to use pens for, who am I to limit your creativity?

Apparently these things are RAVE and are like the most wonderful magical pen in the universe, I had always heard of them and all and goggled at them at the craft store, but they are expensive and haha, no, I didn't need them that bad.

But I was at my craft store a while ago and they have this section that is stuff that's damaged or opened (maybe returned?) for really big discounts, so I was strolling along and ladeeda, I see a pack of microns in the section!

It was a set of four that had been opened and only three were there. The normal price was, methinks, 14 dollars, yeah, a lot for four pens and they were only 3.75 for those that were left.

Now I know, I know, that's still more than a buck per pen but I had always wanted to try them out so I said, heck, why not.

And bought them.
And brought them home.
And tested them out.
And now I am reviewing them merp.

Now I am getting sick of hearing myself type (Can you do that, because I can!) so i'm just going to jump in headfirst (Never a good idea unless you can eat 5 tons of cheese, can you? If so, please proceed)

What I got were three pen sizes, 1, .05 and .01, the latter being the thinnest.

left to right: .05, .01, 1

 Now, I like sharp pens, with me, especially when i'm drawing, the sharper the line the better so these were a lot of fun for me to work with. The color of the ones I got were "Sepia" which is a brown, almost black color. I would have preferred black, but ah well, beggars can't be choosers.

Overall, I give these pens a 4.75 (Out of 5)
The quality is amazing, i'll give them that, smooth flow, firm tip and the the size is so itty bitty. It's wonderfully pleasing to draw minuscule little things no one else can see because they're YOURS. To be honest, the .05 and .01 don't have too much of a difference in width, even though it looks like it when you see the pens themselves.

You can get as thin of a line with the .05 by pressing lighter, and a thicker one more similar to the 1 marker by pressing harder (something that horrifies me when i'm working with pens like this because I feel like it's going to break off and fly across the room and be never seen again and DIE!)

I'm not giving them a 5 because, from a realistic standpoint, they aren't really price friendly those of us who don't have gold earwax (If you do, teach me your ways please! I'll pay you in chocolate and kittens). I wouldn't buy these at regular price unless I was working on a special project or something I  needed serious inkage for.

But they are amazing, I like them a lot, they are so fun to draw lines with (You can see how wonderfully professional I am heh), if you can get them for cheap and you like to draw or do lettering, do so!

BUT! Just a warning that good tools help sure but you don't need fancy stuff to draw, pencils, pens, blood dirt, whatever you feel like. Art is for everyone (except potatoes, potatoes don't get art)

Wish me and Elle luck on our exams!


Have you ever tried Microns? What's your favorite pen? Throw us a comment, we'll try to catch it :)


  1. Replies
    1. They totally are, they're so smooth and shiny (not literally but, you know)!

  2. They look really cool, although I don't think I'd ever buy them for $7. And I totally get what you're saying about exams, I'm going through them right now as well and they're not fun. I don't remember the last time I left the house unless I was going to school, band or church!
    Little Robin xx

    1. Basically the story of my life right now but hang in there girl! Good luck on all your tests!